Felicia gasped loudly as she put your underpants off. Your huge cock bounced right up, and her mouth opened wide in amazement. She put her hand over her mouth, trying to hide her reaction. You couldn’t really believe that an experienced woman like her hadn’t had a bigger cock before… you weren’t sure if she was genuinely stunned by your size or just playing it up to make you hornier for her. Whatever the case, it worked. You couldn’t wait to fuck her pretty little face now.

With a penchant for flights of fancy, Scarlett took to her new beauty regime with a great hunger. A thick and creamy facial every morning to rejuvenate the skin. Ever the pragmatist, she took to securing their loads with her hands and lips, seeing no swifter way to paint herself with copious amounts of cum.

She started with five cocks but found them insufficient to cover herself entirely. One of her chosen shafts mentioned he had some friends and soon enough Scarlett had plenty thick cocks to suckle on in the morning to get her sticky fix. Though, as the months progressed, it seemed to take longer and longer as if there were more men. What used to take half an hour, began to take all the way to lunch. And she was pretty sure there was money being exchanged. Soon enough, any beauty aspects were lost and Scarlett simply ended up slavering on cock like a good little whore

After long arduous filming, beautiful Eva returned to her hotel… Scared, she found a piece of paper on the table near her bed. It was message, with several small lines of text, written and printed in big red letters, obviously to get her attention. Her mind filled up with shame, anger and fear as she realize that someone saw how she got her new role. In addition, of course, take a few good photos of her, with dozen of cocks in her hands and mouth. It is not the first time when she allows someone to fuck her for new job. However, it is the first time when someone saw that and trying to blackmail her in this way.
«Come to abandoned barn in southern suburb in midnight. Alone», – says red inscription. With great hate, Eva burned photos. She knows that her offender have a copies of them. And she has no choice, only to obey him… For now.
In the night, actress came to barn. Dressed only in tight black leggings, white shirt and high heels, woman went inside dark barn, full of straw, debris and other dirty unpleasant things…
Young bald man met her inside. Looking in her face with lustful smile he pulled out of pocket his smartphone and turned it on, showing to amused Eva dozens of photos. On some, she has drops of cum on her mature, but still sexy face. On another, cocks penetrating her pussy as she stroking few more with her hands.
– I can post it in social networks right now. – Man grins, as Eva’s face turns red. – Or… We can discuss it somehow.
– What do you want? Money? – She asked irritably. – Hundreds? Millions?
– Oh, no. Of course no. If I want to blackmail you for money, would I call you here?
He grins again as dozens of men appeared from the darkest corners of barn. Eva made a couple of steps back, but two strong hands grabbed her shoulders from behind. Bald man came closer to her, smiling very horny.
– We can do it in easy or in hard way. You choose. – He said. But before she answered, he slaps her face quickly and painful.
…for next few hours, men fucked Eva’s stretched holes as they want. As one of them finish with load of cum on her face, another replacing him almost immediately, not letting her rest even for a second. Surely, few men recording glorious gangbang with famous actress for their smartphones.
When her was face entirely covered, eyes practically glued shut with the cum and her exhausted body fell on the floor, bald man returned with his phone.
– This is where fun begins. – He grin, showing screen of his device to her, as compromising photos and videos downloading to facebook, pornhub and other websites.
– No… Please… – The last thing Eva said before she fell unconscious…