IR-poll: results

So, it’s time to take stock of my short survey. 1 week, 186 votes. The results did not surprise me: the absolute majority are loyal to interracial sex. The rest, vyazivshem intolerance – well, I’m sorry, I will continue to do what I like ๐Ÿ™‚

At the same time I will answer the questions:

Gal gadot and Scarlett Johansson anal
Sure to!

It’s his fantasy and he can fake however he wants, I think the lack of black models would be considered more racist than using them. Regardless it doesn’t matter what he fakes or what people think (except mods), what matters is if he likes his own work.
I can not disagree!

It isn’t my thing per say but I’m not about to yuck somebody else’s yum, yano? Ppl are free to screw who they want. Or portray it in this case.
Right, dude!

I don’t overly care, I just hate seeing the dude’s face in porn in general. Like you’re getting off, she’s hot, but then there’s his goofy face.
Ahaha, you amused me!

Bring in the Asians too for some AMWF action
You are certainly right, and interracial sex is not only an African race. However, among models interesting to me – not have Asian. No, I have no rejection, just did not meet those about whom I would have sexual fantasies. I don’t know, maybe Lucy Liu …


absolutely right
More feet and cum
I’m not a big fan of these fetishes, but it will definitely be in the future

BBC is love <3 <3
As the survey shows, you are not alone with your fantasies ๐Ÿ™‚

More anal, and gaping too, if you’re interested in the subject!
This is not my favorite fetish, but for sure I will make similar fakes in the future.

Letitia Wright for black and Elsa Pataky for white please
I’m sorry, but they don’t seem attractive to me.

Hi! I like your fakes very much. Please, make more BBC scenes with Emilia Clarke. Thank you!
Very soon!

“Normal sex” for Anya Taylor-Joy
Yes, perhaps she needs to rest))

Everything is fair game and sexy

Happy new year!

Hey people!
Today I want to wish you all a happy new year and wish you more magical charming moments in the new year! Thank you all for your interest in my work, thank you for your support and all your words. The past year was a difficult one, with a lot of unexpectedness, ranging from health problems, ending with exile from Reddit, Patreon, ByeMeACoffee, DeviantArt and, sadly enough – from Tumblr. However, all the difficulties make us stronger and in the new year on there will be a lot of interesting things – new actresses, new activities, polls and competitions, new functionality on my site.

Thank you all, I love you all very much!

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