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The famous actress was invited to a pool party, but she knew in advance how it would end. And she wore the most revealing outfits she ever had. In tight stockings, high heels and an open leather jacket, Emilia looks like a professional, expensive whore. She wasn’t shy at all. Her lips glide easily over the long, sturdy meat rod. Skillful mouth easily takes it in full length. Her own […]

It was a special night… and you had requested for Emilia to put on her best stripper outfit just for you. She had chosen something if a chippendale outfit, and slowly disrobed for you. Her cute perky tits and that seductive look in her eyes… you just knew right then at that very moment, you were about to do some really depraved things to Emilia, and she was okay with […]

After exhausting filming Emilia decided to have some fun with her film director… Dressed in black tight stockings, famous star was fucked in all her holes like a cheap slut. Even her unprepared, unyielding anus was stabbed with tremendous, oversized white cock. Sweaty juicy balls slapping her fat buttocks with every rough thrust, stretching her ass like elastic.She moaned and cried in ecstasy, black mascara running on her cheeks. But […]

You cocked your arms behind her legs and head, and then increased the velocity of your thrusts up her tiny little butthole. Emilia screamed, her body being pushed to the limits of pleasure and pain by her big hard cock. She’d approached you on set for some after-set fun, and you weren’t going to give her anything else but the hardest fucking of her entire life.