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Mila sat on the mattress, ball-tied with her wrists tied to her knees and dressed in only her lingerie. She had been kidnapped last night, and spent the night like this. The ropes weren’t too bad, but she hated the duct tape sealing her lips shut. Finally, one of her kidnappers peeled off her gag. She spat out the was as fast as she could. “Oh my god, tha–aaaaa” she […]

“You will get this role… If you please us all right now”.To get a new role, Mila did a great job. Woman spreaded her legs wide and began to stroke four cocks at one time. This four men was a Directors from her new film. And they must be really pleasured if Mila want this role.While one dick was in Mila’s mouth, two other was in her warm and friendly […]