You slid up to Jessica during the commercial break.

“You keep staring at my pants… you wanna see how big it is? Meet me backstage after you’re done selling your makeup on TV.”

15 minutes later, Jessica Alba herself slides into the makeup room you’ve been waiting in. Almost instantly, she drops her clothes.

“Well, shall we?” You nod.

She slides your pants off, and out pops your already erect cock. Her hand hovers, and then she clutches it in her hand… feeling that thick girth. She looks amazed, yet intrigued at the same time. You guys are about to have a ton of fun.

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“Come on baby, you can do better!” – Joyous half-drunken cry near Eva. The woman did not notice how another cock slipped into her skillful wet mouth. Her lips stretched wider and wider with each thrust of the two meaty dicks inside her. The actress had to use all her skills not to bite them! Despite the fact that the second cock was pushed into her mouth even without her permission, she enjoyed it. Because it was only easier for her – there were still many erect and ready to clean her mouth dicks around her. One of them Eva hurried to take in her hand, wildly stroking it back and forth. Her fingers slid over the sweaty, smooth meat rod, but that didn’t stop the lucky guy from having fun… Eva also enjoyed it. Who knew that a simple interview would turn into a group use of her hot tight lips?

Jessica has unique proportions of the body – thin arms and a thin waist perfectly combined with a juicy thick booty and no less tasty hips. Of course, she doesn’t mind sharing her beauty at the party. Almost immediately after its start, the party turned into a huge orgy. Someone continued to drink and dance, and someone undressed and began to satisfy his lust, not embarrassed by the everyone’s attention. One of those lustful slut was Jessica. Quickly undressing and bending down on the leather couch, the woman exposed her tight holes for free use and fun as crowd around her lauging and cheering her. – “Ha! Is that all your tiny dick can do?!” – Actress chuckled, when another guy approached her from behind and pushed his hard meat rod between her buttocks…

As the sex got more and more passionate, Salma starting moaning and expressing her pleasure in Spanish. You didn’t even know what she was saying, and all you could do was to continue thrusting your cock into those pillowy tits…

“I’m gonna cum! How do I say that in Spanish?”

She stuck her tongue out and you shot your cum ropes all across her face.

“I understand that just fine…”

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A few days earlier Jennifer contacted with one of her fans via social media. As a result of a short conversation, the guy told the actress that he really loves her but he is too shy to meet her in person. Jennifer did him a little favor and visited him incognito. Of course she did it not just for some talk.

Soon famous actress and her favourite fan began to cure his shyness. Even one look to nude Connelly makes him hard as he never been before! But Jen didn’t stop on this and began to stroke guy’s cock with both hands, slowly moves her fingers on head of his penis. Jen’s fan spreaded his legs and leaned back, relaxed and rested…

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