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You slid up to Jessica during the commercial break.

“You keep staring at my pants… you wanna see how big it is? Meet me backstage after you’re done selling your makeup on TV.”

15 minutes later, Jessica Alba herself slides into the makeup room you’ve been waiting in. Almost instantly, she drops her clothes.

“Well, shall we?” You nod.

She slides your pants off, and out pops your already erect cock. Her hand hovers, and then she clutches it in her hand… feeling that thick girth. She looks amazed, yet intrigued at the same time. You guys are about to have a ton of fun.

Jennifer was never shy or modest. If she didn’t like being the center of attention, she wouldn’t be an actress. Of course, it was also a matter of large fees, which she receives for extraordinary roles in some films… But it is possible get a good fee even without shooting in films, isn’t it?
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