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The excitement showed on Kate’s face. She was finally free. Free of the assumption that she was a delicate English rose who had to be made sweet love to. Free of her husband and her kids. Free to be filled in every orifice with thick black cocks. “What are you waiting for, my mouth is still empty!”, screamed Kate while cocks pumped in and out of her pussy and asshole…

After filiming in a new TV-show Kari went to her second, secret job which helps her to satisfy her lust and make some cash. She came into the dark room, took off her clothes and kneeled down with open mouth. Two totally nude men appeared from nearby door. They were an actors who paid money to make a porn with such a nice famous girl. Kari took two juicy cocks […]

Along the road to her new shooting, on the dark terrible street, Emilia was trapped and kidnapped by few strong guys. They dragged her into the car, blindfolded her and took her to a place where no one will find her for long-long hours… Criminals brought Emilia to their secret place – countryside workshop and began to have fun with her. They tightly tied their victim with black ropes, sealed […]

Tonight Hayley falled into the hands of perverts and they didn’t miss such a great opportunity to have some fun… They chained her with iron and put a ring gag into her sweet lips. The bravest of them were the first who tried the strength of the her mouth. Soon Hayley was filled with cum. White sticky liquid flowed down her tongue, getting on the chin, dripping on her chest. […]

To have some fun with Jennifer, the boys had to pay a lot of money. But it was worth of it. The actress was stripped to the waist, revealing a juicy big breasts with large pink nipples. Her mouth tested their cocks. Blowjob from Connelly was amazing and after half an hour the guys came on their playtoy. Sticky cum fell on Jennifer’s face and chest. Dark hair matted from […]

“You will get this role… If you please us all right now”.To get a new role, Mila did a great job. Woman spreaded her legs wide and began to stroke four cocks at one time. This four men was a Directors from her new film. And they must be really pleasured if Mila want this role.While one dick was in Mila’s mouth, two other was in her warm and friendly […]

Alexandra’s warm hands easily slip on the cock of her new boyfriend. Relaxed actress didn’t notice when second guys approached to her from the back with camera. “Little smile for a photo, sweety”, – he said. Woman looked at the source of sound with a nice smile. But then she became serious, realizing that now she must stroke two cocks at one time if she doesn’t want to lost this […]

On weekends the actress usually has fun with men in very special places. Such places is a great opportunity for perverts of all sorts to release their lust, their desire, thirst for sex. Their new playtoy today is a famous actress, who want some tough love. Few kind guys immediately stripped their new girl, ripped her black pantyhose, put a black gag into her sweet mouth and binded her hands […]

Shooting in her new TV-show took too many Kari’s time so she decided to have some rest right on her workplace. Her kind colleagues wanted to help so in a few minutes Kari was surrounded by “attention and affection” of few strong impulsive guys. Men placed a little blanket under Kari’s legs and began to check actress for strength and endurance. Few huge cocks entered her untrained mouth to fuck […]

After sex Emilia decided to give her patron little gift – deepthroat blowjob. Kneeling down, actress opened her mouth wider and took huge cock inside, which smells tasty and delicious after her ass and pussy. When she started to suck naughty guy put his hand on her nape, not allowing Emilia to back off and stop to work with her mouth. Very soon Emilia lost track of time, carried away […]