Along the road to her new shooting, on the dark terrible street, Emilia was trapped and kidnapped by few strong guys. They dragged her into the car, blindfolded her and took her to a place where no one will find her for long-long hours…

Criminals brought Emilia to their secret place – countryside workshop and began to have fun with her. They tightly tied their victim with black ropes, sealed her hands together and put a ball into her mouth. Every time when Emilia tried to scream guys pulled her hairs, kicked her stomach and choked her with more ropes, until kidnapped actress did not stop crying and calling to help.

After a while Emilia understood that she can’t resist to her captors. All that was left for a helpless woman is to cry quietly and hold on, while guys fucked her one after another how they only want.
– “Don’t cum inside”, – with a satisfied smile said one of the men, moving away from roped Emilia, allowing the next lucky guy take his place.