Mila sat on the mattress, ball-tied with her wrists tied to her knees and dressed in only her lingerie. She had been kidnapped last night, and spent the night like this. The ropes weren’t too bad, but she hated the duct tape sealing her lips shut. Finally, one of her kidnappers peeled off her gag. She spat out the was as fast as she could.

“Oh my god, tha–aaaaa” she was interrupted by a ring gag shoved into her mouth. It had long metal bits protruding from it, and it felt cold against her face. The spider gag held her mouth wide open, but at least she could move her lips a little, and her tongue was completely free. It was an improvement over the tape at least. He cut off her lingerie, leaving her stark naked. That was not a good sign. She tried to beg him to let her go, he didn’t need to do this, please don’t do this, but all that came out was a long, garbled aaaaaa sound. He just watched her. She began to drool profusely, her saliva cascading down her chin in great big gobs. He unzipped, baring his considerable boner. She moaned and shook her head, but he grabbed her face and held it still as he guided his penis through her gag. He let go and stood still.

“Well? Get on with it.”

She began thrusting her neck, feeling his penis slide in and out of her throat. It was thick and completely filled her gag.

“Put some tongue into it.”

She obeyed. It was now getting to be some work, but she plowed on, even as the drool became thicker, completely covering her chin and dripping all over her legs. She looked into the camera. She would never admit it, but she was beginning to enjoy her bondage.