Kari Byron in a maid outfit kidnapped and tied

Trapped in a dungeon, dressed in a tight maid’s outfit, Kari couldn’t help but grin in anticipation. Her scientific sensibilities taught her to approach situations with an open mind and this could be nothing but a learning experience. She watched as several men walked down the stairs, their cocks swinging between their legs, all of them eager to wipe the grin off her face. Little did they know, she’d need more than a rough ass-fucking to quench her hunger. Of course, they had to capture the world’s biggest slut for their celebrity dungeon.

After hours of hard pounding, several sloppy throat-fucks and enough spanking to ruin Kari’s prospects of ever sitting down comfortably again, they finally staggered back, leaving her a cum-stricken mess. Through all the roughness, Kari couldn’t wipe the smile off her face, the happy young slut giddy at the fact that she had found a new past-time.