With a penchant for flights of fancy, Scarlett took to her new beauty regime with a great hunger. A thick and creamy facial every morning to rejuvenate the skin. Ever the pragmatist, she took to securing their loads with her hands and lips, seeing no swifter way to paint herself with copious amounts of cum.

She started with five cocks but found them insufficient to cover herself entirely. One of her chosen shafts mentioned he had some friends and soon enough Scarlett had plenty thick cocks to suckle on in the morning to get her sticky fix. Though, as the months progressed, it seemed to take longer and longer as if there were more men. What used to take half an hour, began to take all the way to lunch. And she was pretty sure there was money being exchanged. Soon enough, any beauty aspects were lost and Scarlett simply ended up slavering on cock like a good little whore