Anya Taylor Joy takes three cocks in the ass

Making another sip of hot whiskey, playfull Anya thinking about her free time.
When the shooting of new film ended, famous actress returned to her mansion. Dark evening fell on the city. Outside mansion getting colder. On the black sky appeared little white stars. Anya shivering from cold. That got her thinking. She needs to warm up. But who can help her?
Oh, maybe a few of her friends who have long wanted to get her attention…
She picked up the cell phone and dialed her friends. Three cheerful brothers who have always expressed interest in the actress and always been refused. Now Anya realized that they can be useful to her. She’s been waiting for the right moment, to conduct a little experiment…
– Hey, honey, – sweet Joy’s voice woke the guy up from his sleep like a bucket of cold water, – are you busy?
– N-no… I’m not… – He said with obviously sleepy and tired voice.
– That’s good, because I have an idea! – She replied provocatively with her charming smile. – How about you and your brothers come over to my place?
He paused for a few seconds.
– For what purpose?
– Trust me… You all will enjoy that!
He don’t need more than that. Call of his favorite actress and to the same, woman, made him get out of bed and come to her. He and his brothers just obedient puppies for Anya, that she can play with like toys.

They got to her mansion in less than an hour. Anya met them at the entrance in her most revealing outfit – red thin corset, white light stockings and nice cute shoes. Brothers was shocked, stunned, and completely amazed. And, of course, Anya noticed large bulges in their pants.
– Hey, – She purred with a smile. – Come inside.
They listened to her. Inside her mansion they found bottles of alcohol and tubes with strange liquid.
– What’s it? Lube? – Asked one of them with surprise.
– Oh, I see… – Mumbled another, coming closer and looking at tube.
When they looked at their favorite woman next time, she was naked. Her red corset, her stockings and shoes laying on the floor at her feet. Her slender, yet curvy body is totally exposed. And she is completely dominant because she knows that even if they tell someone about it, no one will believe them.
She knelt before them and they surrounded her. Anya worshipped their cocks, made them hard like rocks. Brothers moaned as she kissed their fat meat rods, their balls, making sure they’re ready for her experiment. Teasing them and playing with them, Anya enjoying herself.
Soon, when her blowjob seance comes to end, she ordered to bring her a tube of clear viscous liquid. How surprised were the brothers, when Anya came to the sofa, bent down and spread her legs wide, slowly smearing the anal ring with lube.
– What should we do? – Asked one of them.
– Guess what, – playfully said Anya, spreading her legs a little wider.
– So… Who is first? – Inquired the other sharply.
– Why not all of you together? – Woman wink to him, shaking her ass like professional slut.
It needed no pressure to make them act. One of them came closer to her, lube his index finger and push it inside her tight anus slowly, very gently as she moans in unbelievable pleasure. His brothers joined him, standing near Anya and lube their hard cocks.
He pushed second finger inside and then three. Anya moaned louder and louder with every rough thrust, feeling his fingers with every inch of her anus.
Soon he pushed his cock inside her, stretching her tight hole roughly, like hungry beast. His brothers stroked their meat rods until one of them couldn’t hold on much longer. After a few quick pushes he rammed inside her ass like a erected sweaty rocket. Anya squealed with all her voice, trembling on two cocks desperately, but her friends, who lost control of themselves, were adamant. The third brother has not long to wait. He leaned on top of the actress, barely able to push his cock inside her destroyed, stretched anus. Hot lube runs down her hips and three hard cocks in her ass. Anya moans and screams like a pig on a spit.
Less than half an hour they fill her belly with their semen. Hot sticky cum flows down on their balls and legs. But they were relentless. They continued to fuck her ripped hole until the morning, using their own cum as lube…