New photoshoot was great. When it’s over, Eva have a few drinks with the photographers and makeup artists, relaxing in soft chair. The guys surrounding the actress didn’t drink. But they quietly hinted that they are well aware of her sexual adventures, and if she doesn’t play the role she loved so much again, then her naked body, fucked by three stron cocks, will became sensation of France newspapers.
Blackmailing Eva Green, however, was a stupid idea. Especially blackmail her to force her into sex. After all, if she agreed to have sex with five or more men, allowing them to take it on camera, is she really so worried about her reputation? The very fact that she was being blackmailed hurt her a little. But she decided to play along this time.
When the famous actress undressed, lustful, arrogant guys realized how lucky they were. Eva Green’s live naked body looked even more juicy and delicious than on the screen of movies and amateur videos, with black cocks in all her stretched, middle-aged holes. Looking at the pleased, slutty lady, the guys felt their meat rods begin to increase in size and harden. Encouraging Eva, calling her different names and words, they brought her to her knees, resting their bulges right on her face, encouraging her to take action.
Skillful throat, thin wet lips, hot tongue and movement of thin elegant hands quickly brought the guys into a frenzy. Pulling Eva from one cock to another, they used her for their own pleasure, not caring about her feelings. And after a while they began to cum all over her. White, viscous, thick liquid poured from their excited rods like fire from hydrants as sweet seed fell on her face, breasts, dripping on her hips and drying like a second, vile skin.
Several guys filmed it with their phones, planning to blackmail Eva further, pushing her to increasingly insane, perverted acts. Looking at this, the actress laughed. Semen dripped from her eyebrow onto her cheek, causing her to squint. – “Do you really want to blackmail me? The Internet is full of porn videos starring me! The only one who will be disgraced after this video is you and your little cocks!” – She laughed arrogantly, smearing their cum all over her thin pale cheeks…