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That smile… That damned smile. Emilia’s assistant knew exactly what it meant and how foolish his question had been. Four cocks? How could that have ever been enough for her? Smiling salaciously, she didn’t miss a beat, continuing to impale herself steadily on the shaft beneath her, like the dutiful little slut she was, all the while tugging on the cocks either sie of her. Her assistant was new, but […]

Okt2019 servey – Feedback Thanks everyone for the feedback! I am glad that most visitors gave positive feedback on my work and the changes made After the redesign, I did some extra work and tried to make it easier to find your favorite celebrity from any device. Of the significant changes – I finally implemented SSL, which allowed me to speed up the site, as well as to avoid sanctions from browsers and […]

Don’t judge your girlfriend if she decides to fuck another girl. Girls are delicate creatures, which at times, requires a response aesthetics… So don’t blame Eva Green, famous for her lust and love for sweet cocks. But once she decided to try something new. Having met on the Internet with a very attractive sweet lady, Eva called her on a date… And gladly recognized her old friend – Famke. There […]

Cara’s favourite magic trick is making a cock disappear with her throat. She absolutely loves watching a guy squirm and get breathless feeling their cocks touch the back of her throat, and being completely in control of them at their moment. She likes it so much, she doesn’t even mind ruining her eye makeup. It’s a small price to pay for such a sexually satisfying experience.

Gal doubted very much when she was invited to a “pleasure club”. She doubted even more when the “club” turned out to be the home of a wealthy, elderly sponsor, who often sponsored films with Gal’s participation. The actress immediately suspected something was wrong when she noticed how men looked at her. But she blamed it all on her imagination and allowed herself to drink a little alcohol… Very simple […]

What could be better than a mature, sweet milf playing with adult toys? Tara’s not just playing. She’s preparing her own body for her new role. Black hard cock slowly pushes into her virgin, unused anus, stretching it, creating tiny cracks in it… But Tara’s having fun anyway. Kneeling, spreading her soft, fatty thighs wider, she enjoys the process of stretching her ass. She is wearing only pink high-heeled shoes, […]