Okt2019 servey – Feedback


Thanks everyone for the feedback!

I am glad that most visitors gave positive feedback on my work and the changes made
After the redesign, I did some extra work and tried to make it easier to find your favorite celebrity from any device. Of the significant changes – I finally implemented SSL, which allowed me to speed up the site, as well as to avoid sanctions from browsers and search engines. Additionally, I patched old posts – now it became more convenient to find by tag.

Of course, I will not disregard your questions and wishes:

A celebrity names list instead of monthly archives


It’s not missing but I took a bit too long to notice the tag map so I could search by type or fake instead of type of celeb

This is strange because it is located directly in the main menu of the site.

Maybe each fake could link to some other fakes of the same celeb?

A block with thumbnails of recommended posts is located directly below each post. In addition, the same celebrity is easily located by category and its name tag.

Some of the fakes aren’t loading onto their posts. Other than that everything looks more organized and easier to find

Thanks! Yes, I know about this problem, unfortunately, not all pics are correctly displayed after the transfer from Tumblr. Already fixed.

Keep up the good work


brie larson

Hardly ever in the near future. Trite, I do not like her – neither as a woman, nor as an actress.

I preferred the linear stream of content over the mosaic


Something besides a plain white background, maybe a night or dark mode

Yes, I thought about that. However, this will require a large amount of time investment. But, most likely, this year I will do it (maybe)

Just keep making your fakes! You do an awesome job with them.





I think some of your fakes would be a lot better if they were bigger – Emily Blunt 10/13 and Kat Dennings 10/15 for example.

The size of the image depends on the original image, and not always to preserve photorealism, I can save even the original size.

Would like to see more fakes of Jessica Chastain, Natalia Dyer & Natalie Portman

They will definitely come in line! However, you always know how to stimulate me to change this queue)