Naked Tara Strong wearing a maid costume

Throughout the two-storey house sound men’s cheerful voices. Half-drunk and happy, the guys discuss their daily lives, problems and their work… But the attention of many of them was focused on the woman invited as a maid. Sexy, thick blonde, dressed in high heels and tight black stockings slowly wiped a small table on which someone spilled beer. Her delicious, sagging breasts fell out of her already tight, little maid costume. Her neat belly looks funny a little in this position, but did not make her ugly. Her ass remained neat and juicy, literally begging for hard spanking. In the pants of the guys watching her, there were already large bulges, clearly hinting at how this evening can end for maid. – “Who are you, sweety?” – One of the men asked her as he stand behing her, rubbing her fat, round buttocks. – “Oh!” – She patted her hair with a smile and looked at him. – “I’m Tara Strong. This party is amazing, isn’t it?”