Ticket to the Imaginarium for everyone!

Hi guys!
Many liked my December promotion “2for10” and I received many new requests. I thought it would be right to make this action permanent. So, from today and forever “2for10” works for all new orders* or for any celebrity from the index. The conditions are the same – you send me at least 10 photos** of the girl you are interested in, or the name of a celebrity – and I evaluate my readiness. If all is ok – pay via paypal and in 1-2*** days I will send you your fantasy! Do not forget to tell me about your limits – those things that you do not like and do not want to see them in the scenes.
Send all your inquiries and questions to my email – covertdream@gmail.com

Of course, I’m not ready to make requests – <18y.o., old women, politicians, gays, transgender, piss, scat, guro and things like that.

* 2/10 and 4/20 imply that I work with the same model. I spend a lot of time choosing a scene where there will be a suitable light and angle for a headshot, and the model was with a suitable physique, hair color and boobs size. For celebrities, I pre-compile a collection of headshots, which also takes a lot of time. Therefore, the promotional offer is only one-time.

** I need at least 10 photos of one model (more is better, send me all the photos that you can find). These photos should be portrait(headshot), have good enough resolution, the face of the model should be entirely in the frame, face must not be covered by other objects, photos should be WITHOUT idiotic Instagram filters. Please do not send me pictures where a girl stands in the background in a crowd of people or stands with her back to the camera. I need good headshots. Send a photo inside the zip archive, or a link to the cloud.

*** This deadline is relevant for 2/10, for a larger order it will most likely take more time. But I try to make requests faster than I promise.