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Hannah’s been sighted making regular late-night trips to the local dogging spot. She loves nothing more than to kneel down at the glory hole, having her way with a cock desperate for some release. She loves making strangers moan and beg for her to make them cum, and especially so when these men manage to correctly guess that it’s her behind that wall. Knowing that these men have waited and […]

Billie Eilish is every bit the bad girl she claims to be. She doesn’t need sex with her to last long. She doesn’t believe in romance. She has no need for her own orgasms when fucking. Just fuck her as hard and as fast as you want. All that matters to her is that you’ve deposited your load in her. Her pleasure comes from being treated like the cum dumpster […]

More than one for Marion

Who says you can’t have it all? Marion believes in having what she wants, no matter what anyone else thinks. And what she wants most is a pair of hard cocks, sliding in and out of her holes. She never thought of herself as someone who would enjoy anal sex, but once she started, she was hooked. It wasn’t long before she felt the sensation of having both holes filled. […]

“Number 100: Sold, to the gentleman from Lithuania for $200,000!” bellowed the auctioneer down the hall. Mackenzie knew she would go for more than that. She had trained for months to be a good pet, giving in to her master’s every whim. But he had tired of her and was more interested in some of his other playthings. “Number 101: Sold to the Damascus group for $210,000!” Mackenzie laughed to […]