Chloe satisfies Hollywood

Ever since she broke into the mainstream as the foul-mouthed superhero Hit Girl in “Kick-Ass,” Chloe has been in demand around Hollywood, both on-screen and off.

Word of her skills quickly spread through the not-so polite circles of Tinseltown, with producers and directors at least giving her the casting couch treatment for their films… even if they didn’t have anything in production at the time.

Chloe was hesitant at first to use sex to further her career, but she soon realized that not only was it working, she was enjoying it, too. She especially loved getting a taste of the hot new lead actors. But the best was when the latest up and cumming producer would bring her in for a “screen test” or a “table read,” have his way with her and dump multiple loads into her rear end before sending her home aching.

While she first became known as one of the stars of “Kick-Ass,” her anal endurance earned her a new nickname among the Hollywood elite: Fuck-Ass.