Natalie’s acting class

Filming was expected to start the next day, but Natalie still hadn’t gotten comfortable with her co-star. They were supposed to be lovers in the movie, but so far, there was just no chemistry.

With cameras nearly ready to roll, Natalie decided she needed to take matters into her own hands and see if she could spark something in her silver screen partner.

She invited him to her room on location, telling him they should go over their lines for their first scene together. She said she wanted to try a special technique she’d learned over the years to put them both at ease and perhaps make for a better on-screen relationship.

The Hollywood hunk showed up at her door, and Natalie had already had some wine before his arrival. She offered him a glass, which he accepted, though he barely even glanced at it. Natalie had answered the door in nothing but a pair of matching white bra and panties, as well as thigh-high socks.

Joining her on the couch, the actor found his eyes wondering across her body.

“You’re wearing too many clothes for this to work,” Natalie explained. “We have to remove our inhibitions if we want to be a believable couple.”

She removed his shirt over his head in one swift move, then quickly had her hands on his zipper and button. The stud could already feel the anticipation – and something else – growing.

Dropping his pants around his ankles, Natalie said, “There, that’s much better!” She traced his hardening cock with her fingertips, giggled and playfully pulled away. It was becoming obvious he wouldn’t need his script for this visit.

Natalie dropped to the hardwood floor and rolled onto her hip, showing off her ass and thighs, her thong running up between she cheeks. Her co-star gulped as he could feel the room getting warmer. Natalie ran her hand along the outside of her panties, brushing her crotch.

“If we’re lovers, you’re going to have to look the part,” she said. “This shouldn’t be a surprise for you when we’re filming.” She slipped her fingers under the fabric and pulled it to the side, revealing her shaved pussy, her lips already glistening.

While he gazed at the wonder, Natalie said “That’s nothing, honey,” grabbing her cheek and spreading it. His attention was immediately drawn to her incredible asshole, which she started to stroke with a finger.

“What do you think?” she asked rhetorically.

“Uh… Um, uh,” was all he could manage, his cock hardening further.

“That’s what I thought,” she answered. While staring directly at him, Natalie inserted a finger into her butthole, moaning seductively. She could see a wet spot of pre-cum forming on his underwear. In went another finger.

She pumped her ass with her fingers and eventually let out a soft groan, her body shaking uncontrollably. Her co-star instinctively reached out for her, ready for his turn…

“Nuh, uh, uh!” she said, slapping his hand away. She licked her fingers and with a naughty smile added, “Go back to your trailer and jerk off thinking about what you just saw. Then you’ll be ready to share the screen with me.”