Marvel trio

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Natasha Romanoff and Hope Van Dyne find themselves chained to a wall somewhere in Hydra’s HQ.
The two Avengers had gotten themselves caught during a reconnaissance mission gone wrong. Their weapons and gear were locked away, leaving them mostly helpless in lock-up. Not far from them, Daisy, AKA Quake, was being prepped for interrogation, a device to dampen her powers clamped around her wrists.
The guard led her past the two captured heroes and then stopped.

“I think I can make the most of all three of you, actually,” he said to himself. He unchained Nat and Hope, then shackled their wrists together. He led them to a small room with just a single chair in it. He sat down and ordered them to kneel in front of him.

“I’ll let you three go,” he started, “but I need something in return. So you three are gonna suck me off.”

Hope gasped. Nat huffed, rolling her eyes. Daisy outright refused.

“It’s going to happen,” he said, pulling out his already hard cock. “Or you’re not going anywhere and your team will never find you.”

Daisy’s eyes bulged. Nat decided to take things into her own hands – literally – and started stroking. Hope opened her mouth and let him in. All three knew they needed to work together to get out of this mess. Before long, three tongues were licking along the guard’s shaft and balls. When one Avenger would move off his cock, another was there to take him in.

“Say it,” the guard commanded. “Say it and make me cum.”

The three stopped sucking on him and looked at each other. Then it dawned on them at the same time.

“Hail Hydra…” the trio reluctantly grumbled in near-unison, their eyes staring up at him.

“I couldn’t hear that at all,” the guard said.

“HAIL HYDRA!” they answered back loudly, bringing a smile to his face.

Daisy, her hand cupping the guard’s balls, gave a little ‘Quake rumble, and that was all he could take. His semen erupted from his cock, spewing onto the superheroes’ faces, coating them evenly.

“So you’re gonna let us go now?” Hope asked, licking some of the spunk off her upper lip.

“Absolutely, ladies, a deal’s a deal,” the guard responded getting the key to unlock their shackles.

“Besides,” he added with a grin as he zipped his fly, “I’m a SHIELD agent undercover the last three years as Hydra. I’m on your side, after all.”