Natalie the cumslut

Natalie Portman tied tightly with her mouth open to receive cum

Natalie had lost track of time completely. Had she been there three hours or 10? There was no way to tell in the windowless room. She just knew her jaw ached.

It was so dark she couldn’t see who was in the room, or even how many men were there, but she could hear them, grunting and groaning, as well as the wet sounds of them stroking their cocks as they waited their turn with the Hollywood starlet. She couldn’t even remember how she ended up there. Was it something in her drink at that premiere? But that was DAYS ago… Wasn’t it?

Each customer, after paying the fee, approached the actress-turned-cumdump and inserted his cock into her gaped mouth. With a device firmly fixed in her mouth to keep her compliant, she couldn’t even try to refuse them. They would have their way with her mouth and leave her face soaked with cum and saliva. The mixture would only build after each finished.

As she squirmed on the bondage chair, she realized she wasn’t just strapped to it, but also that something was… Inside her as well. She was sitting on a dildo, built into the seat and lodged deep inside her sopping pussy. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’m just glad I got here when I did,” Natalie heard one customer say to another. “Last week it was some reality skank and the line was around the corner. I can’t imagine how many are gonna show up for a blowjob from Natalie Portman.” The two laughed, then the first guy walked up to her and unzipped. He was enormous and lengthy.

Natalie’s brow furrowed in fear as he entered her mouth.

“Ahhh, that’s it,” he groaned, her tongue brushing the underside of his member. “Just a little more now…” he added, grabbing the back of her head and feeding his dick into her throat. She gagged, forcing a load of spit to erupt from her skinny body. The lubrication only helped him push farther in.

As he began to fuck her face, tears welled in her eyes, then streamed down her cheeks, smearing her mascara further. How many more must she take? How many more COULD she take?

As the thought ran through her head, the john ejaculated, filling her mouth and throat. Her eyes budged as she tasted his salty seed. Thanks to the spreader, as he withdrew, everything spilled out, down her body and to the floor.

“Who’s next?” the man hollered to no one in particular, adding a laugh. Natalie couldn’t bring herself to even think about it… But there certainly would be someone next.