SHIELD Advanced Training

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After years of outstanding service and heroic actions in the field, Director Coulson has decided Agent Daisy Johnson is ready for the next step in her career: a senior leadership role.

But that kind of promotion requires more training.

Coulson called on his most experienced Avenger for Quake’s training: Black Widow.

Coulson knew Quake could eventually replace Widow not only as a leader, but also as the team’s most seductive weapon against the evils of the world.

After weeks of teaching Daisy the finer points of leadership, Natasha knew there was only one more skill needed for Daisy to fully enhance her abilities.

Alone in SHIELD’S HQ break room, Black Widow slinked over to Quake, her black skintight leather costume barely able to contain her curves. Nat tugged her own zipper slightly, the teeth separating easily, showing off her cleavage.

“You’ll need to be able to get yourself out of any number of tight situations, and as a leader, you’ll be expected to keep a cool head,” Nat explained. “Luckily, as a woman you have abilities at your disposal… Things you can use on male AND female enemies.”

The rest of Nat’s costume slipped off. With no room for underwear, Nat was already stark naked, with the exception of her impressive bush.

Daisy, feeling overwhelmed, could only gawk at Nat’s flawless body.

“Perfect,” Nat said. “That tongue will come in handy for sure.”

After stripping Daisy out of her jumpsuit, Nat positioned herself over Daisy’s face.

“Let’s see if you can make ME ‘quake,’ hmmm?” Nat said, lowering her sopping pussy onto Daisy’s mouth.

“How’s the training go… Oh, sorry, didn’t realize you’re still working. Carry on,” Coulson said, trying to not interrupt as Nat grinded on Daisy’s face. “Looks like you’ve got things under yourself… I mean control.”