Mackenzie’s first BBC

Black guy fucks Mackenzie Davis hard doggy style

Mackenzie had only ever been with white guys, but she was always intrigued by trying something new.

A fan reached out with an offer she couldn’t refuse: to see if she could handle his BBC. He sent her some pics to prove his endowment and she thought “I can take that.”

But perception and reality are two different things, she quickly realized. She agreed to meet the mystery man at a seedy motel, wearing a disguise so she wouldn’t be recognized when checking in. After heading to her room and getting ready – full make up and an outfit to go with it – her new friend arrived.

She was visibly excited seeing her guest, and he wasted no time getting started. He stripped her out of her dress seemingly with one hand, revealing her tight body. She was shocked. This was not going to go how she expected. Soon her guest had his face buried in her crotch and she was quickly soaked.

“I want it now,” Mackenzie begged.

Her dark friend flipped her over on the bed, put her in doggystyle and positioned himself behind her.

“You’re not ready for this,” he said, the first words he uttered so far. Suddenly, Mackenzie realized she was probably in trouble. She could feel the head of his member press against her twat, rubbing it among the flowing juices and his spit.

He pressed in… And Mackenzie immediately knew this was more than she could handle. He didn’t stop. Before long, all that could be heard in the room were the wet pumps of his cock in her stretched pussy and her soft sobs. Mackenzie didn’t know when she started crying, but it had ruined her makeup. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror: that look of shame as this stranger roughly pounded her from behind slowly turned to slutty enjoyment. She could see just how naughty she could be… And she liked it.

Mackenzie could feel a warmth inside her cunt, and coupled with his groan, she knew he finished. And for the second time, her stranger spoke:

“Time for the other hole, now.”