Hi guys! Today is a wonderful day – exactly four years ago I registered with Tumblr and started posting my work there. Of course, I’ve posted them online before, but coming to Tumblr was a big start for CovertDream.

Thanks to everyone who supported me all this time, thanks to everyone who subscribes to me on social networks and likes, writes comments, creates captions for my fakes and gives me interesting commissions! Thank you all!

Like any project, my site changes too. I slightly changed the sorting and display format of the tags to make them easier to use, a subtle but useful change. I also introduced a new category “other celebs“, which will include small celebrities or celebrities with whom I made only 1-2 fakes. This means that you will soon see more different celebrities! For a long time now I want to give everyone a gift and finally make a dark theme, this is a rather painstaking work, but I hope in the near future I can find time for this (upd. done!).

Any birthday cannot be without a gift – from today until the end of October, I reopen 2/10 commissions for any requests!

Well, and a small questionnaire for your ideas, wishes and suggestions!