Natalie makes new friends

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Natalie was exhausted. It had been a long press tour promoting her newest movie, “Teacher, Teacher!” a film about a white female educator making a difference in the lives of students in an inner-city high school.

The last stop was in Compton, where the movie would premiere for a lucky local school.

She headed to her hotel room to get some rest before the big day at the theater. In the lobby, three large black men spotted her walking through.

“Yo, that’s her,” one said to the other two. They followed her to the elevator. Natalie nervously pressed the call button several times, but it didn’t hurry the car.

“Ding!” the doors opened and she boarded. The three men joined her. Natalie pressed her floor and asked where they were headed.

“Same floor,” the largest one answered in a deep voice. The doors closed as Natalie realized there was no turning back.

As the floors passed, one of the men approached her…

“We’re your biggest fans,” he said. “Literally.”

Natalie laughed nervously. “Always glad to meet a fan! Did you like the prequels?”

“Nah,” he said. “We liked ‘Closer,’ if you know what I mean.”

“Ding!” the elevator doors slid open and all four exited.

“Why don’t you join us for a drink in our room?” one of them asked.

“Uh… Well, um, you know…” Natalie stammered.

“C’mon, we’re fun,” he grinned. For some reason, she suddenly felt at ease with the idea.

Several drinks later, all four are laughing in the men’s hotel room. Clothes are coming off… And Natalie is feeling excited about the physiques she was seeing. Suddenly her pale body was exposed, too, contrasting their dark complexions.

Then, she saw their members, each larger and thicker than the last.

“C’mere,” the biggest said, pulling her to him. He sat on a chair, spit on his hand and rubbed it all over his cock. He grabbed her and sat her on the tip… Slowly it entered her anus all the way to its base.

“Oh my God,” Natalie thought to herself, “he’s gonna split me in two!”

Before she knew it, the next BBC was sliding into her soaking pussy. She instinctively reached for something to hold onto… And she quickly found it. It just wasn’t what she expected.

“Ungh!” the man attached to the BBC in her hand groaned. “Damn, you gotta good grip!”

As the trio of dark meat ravaged her holes, Natalie knew she would be in no shape to attend the premiere the next day… But that was becoming no concern to her with the wave of orgasms washing over her.