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Natalia’s gift

The pandemic has frozen many Hollywood productions, and Stranger Things is no exception. The release of hit streaming series’ latest season has been delayed, and Natalia Dyer knows all the horny old men and teens have been waiting to once again see her as Nancy Wheeler. To reward everyone for their patience, Natalia decided to give everyone a behind-the-scenes “insider” view, showing a side of herself not many have the […]

Game on Twitter #3

Hi guys! Again Sunday and again #CovertDreamGame! The rules are the same – guess the celebrity and get a free request (celebrity 18+) or a bonus fake when ordering. No more than two guesses please! The result, as usual – on Monday! Good luck! Click here UPD. Results here

To find a common language with the film crew, Anya makes a lot of efforts, because her career and success depend on it. The director will be more loyal and give more creative freedom, the operator will choose the best angles, and the sound engineer will make her voice mesmerizing. You just need to give them all what they want at the beginning and end of the day of filming.

Game on Twitter #2

So, let’s continue the Sunday #CovertDreamGame! Like last time – the first Twitter follower who correctly guessed which celebrity will be published tomorrow – will receive one request (celeb 18+), or an additional fake when ordering. Please, no more than two guesses, this will be fair to other participants. Good luck to all! Don’t forget to like it! Click here UPD. Results here