About me

Hello, welcome to my site!
Here collected all my works over several years and they are absolutely freely available for you. Thank you for your interest to my art!

I think it would be appropriate here to answer a few frequently asked questions:

– Can you make a fake for me?
– Yes I can. But I will not do it for free. However, today I have a good offer for you.

– I have no money. I can send you a photo / video of myself.

– I do not get the point of it. Internet is full of free photos of naked people. Your photos are worth nothing, it doesn’t compensate me for my time.

– I want you to make a fake with my grandmother, boyfriend, another. I am ready to pay.
– Just to clarify a couple of points. This is not a business. This is just a hobby that allows me to give positive to people, but I’m not ready to spend my life doing any random people requests, even if you offer me money for it. This means that I have rules, and that I can refuse your request.

– What requests can you make?
– Almost any, as part of the plots on my site. Basic rules: 18+, no gilfs, politicians, gays, transgender, shemales, no scat, pissing, blood, snuff, or other shit.

– Well, I’m ready to pay. I have a friend / neighbor / colleague – I want you to make fakes with her.
– Firstly, I need at least 10 photos of one model (more is better, send me all the photos that you can find). These photos should be portrait, have good enough resolution, the face of the model should be entirely in the frame, Photos should be WITHOUT idiotic Instagram filters. Send these photos and your wishes (and limits) to my email covertdream@gmail.com. Next I will approve the quality of the photo and let me know whether they are suitable for work. I hope you understand that these requirements allow me to do my job well, because I don’t see the point of doing a job badly and taking money for it. I reserve the right to refuse if I do not like the model, or I have doubts that the model is non 18+, or the quality of the photo does not allow working with them.

– My prvate fakes will not be published?
– Of course, not one private request will ever be published anywhere.

– I like a celebrity. Make a fake with her.
– Perhaps I will make your request for free in the future, but no one knows when. I can realize yours fantasy, but I won’t do it for free (because it’s your fantasy, not mine). And of course, I reserve the right to refuse if the celebrity I do not like, or the request is too complicated (I’m not a neural network, guys, it’s just a photomanipulation).

– Why do you want money for a celebrity fakes? Other fakers make requests for free.
– Ok, you can go to the “other”. Or take part and guess the celebrity correctly in the Sunday #CovertDreamGame!

– How do you accept payment?
– Unfortunately, only through Paypal.

– Why do not you have Patreon or another service for accepting donations.
– It used to be until I was banned. It happens everywhere – patreon, buymeacoffee, reddit, tumblr, deviantart, pornhub, sharesome… I no longer trust platforms – they can throw you away at any time, steal your money, delete your work. Fuck them all.

– Why do your site have such a strange domain .cf?
– This is a free domain and it’s harder to take away than a .com. This is the domain of the Central African Republic, but no, I’m not from Africa, I’m European. In addition, the CF can be encrypted as “Celebrity Fakes”.

– How do you make fakes of this quality?
– Everything is very simple: many years of work in Photoshop, a lot of (200+) source photos of each celebrity for work, and the exact selection of light and angle. Nothing complicated – just painstaking work and an understanding of the structure of the human face and the rules of working with light and shadow. However, no one escapes mistakes, and I have imperfect works, especially – old works. But I try to bring the result to an acceptable, or not to publish such a fake at all. In addition, the images may differ on various monitors or devices, and perhaps for you my errors will be visible more clearly than I can see.

– I like your works and I would like to write captions for them.
– Fine! You can send me your stories for my old works, or tell me to contact me via my email covertdream@gmail.com, and we will discuss for which celebrities you want to make captions.


NOTE: My works are never intended to give off any misogynistic anti-women subtext whatsoever, i really love all womans. Its just my fantasies.