Cara Delevingne

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Born 12 August 1992 (Hammersmith, London, England)
Height: 5 ft 7.2 in (1.71 m)
Weight: 113 lb (51 kg)
Measurements: 79-61-86
Bra Size: 32B
Eye Color: Blue

Cara Jocelyn Delevingne is an English model, actress, and singer.

Cara’s favourite magic trick is making a cock disappear with her throat. She absolutely loves watching a guy squirm and get breathless feeling their cocks touch the back of her throat, and being completely in control of them at their moment. She likes it so much, she doesn’t even mind ruining her eye makeup. It’s a small price to pay for such a sexually satisfying experience.

Very few people were lucky enough to enjoy this spectacle. The famous actress is tied hand and foot, her mouth is tightly plugged, she is dressed only in a short red t-shirt… She can not even call for help and this thought is truly exciting. Small sweet buttocks literally ask for a strong cock between them. Neat feet should be immediately lubricated with a viscous white cream… Despite her vulnerable […]