Chloe Moretz

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Born February 10, 1997 (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 119 lb (54 kg)
Measurements: 89-68.5-89
Bra: Size 32A
Eye Color: Green

Chloë Grace Moretz is an American actress.

Exactly 5 years ago, I published my first post on Tumblr – it was a fake with Chloe Moretz in translucent underwear. This was far from the first fake I made, but this is the day I consider to be the birthday of faker Covertdream. Well, I think it would be logical if we see Chloe again today) And thank you all for your support, I really appreciate it!

Chloe satisfies Hollywood

Ever since she broke into the mainstream as the foul-mouthed superhero Hit Girl in “Kick-Ass,” Chloe has been in demand around Hollywood, both on-screen and off. Word of her skills quickly spread through the not-so polite circles of Tinseltown, with producers and directors at least giving her the casting couch treatment for their films… even if they didn’t have anything in production at the time. Chloe was hesitant at first […]

In the life of any couple comes a time when they decide to experiment. To Chloe’s luck, her boyfriend decided to try not some hardcore BDSM, but soft role-playing game. He quickly persuaded the girl to change into a nurse’s suit and go to the reception to the “patient”, which was himself… But Chloe didn’t see it that way, and instead of exploring her patient’s body, she showed to him […]

Two is always better than one. Especially when it comes to such a beautiful, sweet thing as male dicks. A man’s penis is easy to excite and satisfy, while a man always feels like your patron and master, even when you do him a favor, lazily stroking his small meat rod. About the same thing Chloe thinks, lying with her sweet ass exposed between two strong cocks, thinking which one […]