Imogen Poots

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Born June 3, 1989
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 115lb (52kg)
Measurements: 87-61-87
Bra Size: 32B
Eye Color: Blue

Imogen doesn’t try to look unapproachable. Everyone knows that this cheerful, young girl is very lascivious and lustful. Many guys loves to use it, thrusting their cock even into her tightest, darkest holes. Imogen gets from this indescribable pleasure, but when a cock in her ass is too big, she begins to literally go crazy. Even now Imogen’s eyes squinted as something boiled in her head, forcing her to groan […]

Premiere: Imogen Poots

Imogen’s faucet leaked and she invited her neighbor to fix it. The non-trivial meeting ended with the neighbor inviting all his friends, and the lustful actress agreed to repay him for his kindness with her skillful mouth, pleasing the horny, hot cocks of all his friends. Only when their cum covered her from head to toe, she wondered if it was decent enough… Deciding that no one will know about […]