Jennifer Connelly

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Born December 12, 1970
Height: 5 ft 6 in (169 cm)
Weight: 134 lb (61 kg)
Measurements: 87-58.5-84
Bra Size: 34B
Eye Color: Green

The meeting of two such popular actresses is often a global event that will cover not only the Hollywood press, but also newspapers of many other countries… However, about meeting of Eva and Jennifer no one knows, except six of their reliable friends who know how to keep secrets… Of course, the sex symbols of cinema, Jennifer Connelly and Eva Green, come together not to discuss cinema and politics. Men […]

Jennifer was never shy or modest. If she didn’t like being the center of attention, she wouldn’t be an actress. Of course, it was also a matter of large fees, which she receives for extraordinary roles in some films… But it is possible get a good fee even without shooting in films, isn’t it? The woman was invited to a birthday party of one of her shy fan. Her fan […]

Every woman wants to be best in everything. Jennifer is not exception. Before visiting her new boyfriend, actress decided to prepare her body to some action. Woman lay down on her bed, spread her legs, smeared her tight ass with some oil. Jennifer’s little toy touched her anus very carefully. She did not want to hurt herself before sex with her boyfriend. Anal plug entered her ass very hardly despite […]

Jennifer fantasized about being a free-use slut multiple times. A plaything for horny men who simply want to shove their cocks in her tight holes, shoot their loads, and leave. At the same time, she loved the idea of being tied up and milked as well. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine being able to accomplish both at once. Now she is bound, breast pumps attached to her […]

Jennifer looked up at the three men, cock drunk and craving more. She loved being the center of attention, especially if she was in the center of three hard cocks. She didn’t know their names and forgot how she met them but that didn’t stop her from letting them use her how they please. However, it was time for them to pay her for her services. She tightly grasped a […]

Sexy brunette Jennifer has always been intresting to men not as actress but as a woman. But once they decided to do what they dreamed of. Men caught Jennifer on her film set. They threw her on the floor, hit her several times and undress her. When actress accepted her fate, they chained her in iron shackles and collar. Her legs was nailed to her arms so everyone can see […]

To have some fun with Jennifer, the boys had to pay a lot of money. But it was worth of it. The actress was stripped to the waist, revealing a juicy big breasts with large pink nipples. Her mouth tested their cocks. Blowjob from Connelly was amazing and after half an hour the guys came on their playtoy. Sticky cum fell on Jennifer’s face and chest. Dark hair matted from […]