Mackenzie Davis

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Born April 1, 1987 (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.78 m)
Weight: 134lb (61kg)
Measurements: 87-61-87
Bra Size: 38A
Eye Color: Blue

Mackenzie Davis is a Canadian actress. She made her film debut in Smashed, and later appeared in Breathe In, That Awkward Moment, The Martian, Blade Runner 2049. From 2014 to 2017, she starred as computer programmer Cameron Howe in the TV series Halt and Catch Fire.

Mackenzie’s gangbang addiction

Staring up at the dozen or so men who were stroking their cocks around her, Mackenzie realized she may have a problem: She was addicted to being shared and ravaged by groups of men. She wasn’t sure when this obsession started. She just knew that most women don’t find themselves on their knees jacking men off until they cum all over their body. But Mackenzie just can’t help herself. It’s […]

Mackenzie’s first BBC

Mackenzie had only ever been with white guys, but she was always intrigued by trying something new. A fan reached out with an offer she couldn’t refuse: to see if she could handle his BBC. He sent her some pics to prove his endowment and she thought “I can take that.” But perception and reality are two different things, she quickly realized. She agreed to meet the mystery man at […]

“Number 100: Sold, to the gentleman from Lithuania for $200,000!” bellowed the auctioneer down the hall. Mackenzie knew she would go for more than that. She had trained for months to be a good pet, giving in to her master’s every whim. But he had tired of her and was more interested in some of his other playthings. “Number 101: Sold to the Damascus group for $210,000!” Mackenzie laughed to […]

It is quite strange to see such a beautiful woman and such a famous actress in such a strange role. After playing in many Hollywood blockbusters, Mackenzie had to play fairy at a special party for adults. The actress was hired just to play around in front of the camera. But when she was drunk with strong alcohol, she she didn’t mind even to play with juicy cocks and large […]