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Happy birthday Eva!

Eva never refused group fun. Since she was a young actress felt pleasure only from sex with multiple men. This time she relaxed with six muscular men. But they didn’t care about Eva’s pleasure or her feelings. They used her hard and rough, filling all her old, stretched holes with strong cocks. Gangbang almost turned into a gang rape. Men surrounded the actress and forced her to satisfy them all […]

Eva is a very open, sincere person who is not modest and shy. Being a popular actress, she likes to spend time with people and be the center of attention… Even in her birthday. Inviting more guests to her country villa, Eva had a great time drinking delicious wine… And when Eva gets drunk, her body becomes easily accessible. One of the men suggested to have fun and it seemed […]

Seems like Scarlett doesn’t like “the experiment”, in which she participating by her friend’s advice. Black leather rope tied the girl’s arms and legs. Red gag shuted her mouth and chain, attached to her throat, did not allow her to straighten out. In her eyes was only apathy and humility… But they will not help her when all participants of “the expetiment” will arrive.

Every girl has a ballerina in her heart. Eva is not an exception to the rule, but we all know what a whore she is, so the ballerina in her soul is very special, extraordinary too. I think everyone understands that when it comes to Eva Green, everything becomes very depraved and vulgar… Instead of an expensive ballerina dress, she preferred stockings, and instead of training and dancing, she will […]

The only thing that submissive and sweet Hailee was dissatisfied with is the fact that the mattress under her juicy, sexy body wasn’t warm enough. In all other respects the girl feels great even though her mouth is fixed open with a ring gag, and her limbs are purposely tied in an awkward position. Hailee gets pure pleasure from being treated roughly like inanimate object. The girl can’t get such […]

The evil mummy from the grave would think twice before harming Rachel if the girl behaved in movies the same way she behaves at leisure off-screen. In these difficult times, white submissive girls are especially appreciated by black guys, and for such girls they are ready to go to any difficulities, to fight any angry monster… Especially since Rachel is quite submissive, willing and eager when it comes to black […]

(really old work, light remastering) Usually girls do not have sex with guys on a first date, but Kari is exception. Very lustful, horny exception. After drinking wine, the girl agreed to everything and her new boyfriend use it to satisfy his own desires. He put Kari on the bed, grabbed her hands, pull her hair and roughly entered her pussy. Pressing her to the bed, he began to fuck […]

Scarlett interview. Pt.3

— “And how did you relieve stress during filming?” — “That’s an amazing question!” – I reply with a sly, flirtatious smile, looking at the interviewer sweetly. – “To brighten up boredom on the set helped a good strong sex.” He looked at me in surprise – “Excuse me, what? Do you mean…” I laughed. – “I meant what I meant. Good sex helps you to keep your body in […]

Eva doesn’t like to wear too many clothes. Black tight stockings is her limit… Especially when her little ass is torn by strong, serious cocks. Muscular men pushed their dicks into Eva’s anus without preparation, quickly, sharply, unceremoniously – first one, and then immediately the second. They moved in jerks, stretching the woman’s ring like a piece of rubber. Eva’s moans were shutted by the third cock, which was roughly […]

Hayley was totally shocked when her boyfriend offered her a little sex-adventure. But he accepted his idea. Now she, almost naked, only in black corset, sit on the grass of the city park and smiling, afraid that someone will see her. Sure! This whole adventure was bad idea, but Hayley is happy. Her boyfriend gave her a clear task – eat full bowl of milk and his cum. She must […]

Only the best chefs can make delicious milk chocolate, so Tessa tried to find high-quality white bulls. As you know, opposites are attracted to each other, so there were a lot of people who wanted to make milk chocolate according to the new recipe. Covering the black girl’s plump body with a thick layer of sticky, sweet milk, they made even her long, black hair stick together. Decent lady turns […]

Rachel just loves some relaxing massaging sessions after work. Especially if it’s a massage of her tight, cute hole located between her rounded buttocks. Despite her mature age, Rachel retains a fervor and a spark in her soul. The same spark that allows her to squeal on dicks, constantly fuck with barely familiar men and do the dirtiest and most depraved things. She lives as if she is eighteen years […]

— “It was one of the most difficult days of filming. Because it was the very first day of filming, of course” – I said, blushing as I sat in a chair in front of camera. — “The scene where I’m tied to a chair by evil russians has been re-shooted many times. Because…” – I smiled – “the master who was supposed to tie me to the chair didn’t […]

Hailee is a good and obedient girl. Needless to say, she was not such, but that all changed when she was put in shackles and chains. And as you know, in shackles, any girl becomes good and submissive. To check this fact, Hailee’s master shoved his thick cock into her mouth, and, as expected, the famous rich lady willingly worked out what she should with her tight soft throat and […]