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That smile… That damned smile. Emilia’s assistant knew exactly what it meant and how foolish his question had been. Four cocks? How could that have ever been enough for her? Smiling salaciously, she didn’t miss a beat, continuing to impale herself steadily on the shaft beneath her, like the dutiful little slut she was, all the while tugging on the cocks either sie of her. Her assistant was new, but […]

She had finally done it. After months of practice and limbering up, she snaked her legs behind her head, her arms holding them in place as her pussy and ass stretched to new levels. Eager to be fucked in her newfound position, Hayley could only stomach a meek smile as her friend snapped a picture of her, documenting her success. Taking photo after photo, the man only ceased when Hayley […]

With a penchant for flights of fancy, Scarlett took to her new beauty regime with a great hunger. A thick and creamy facial every morning to rejuvenate the skin. Ever the pragmatist, she took to securing their loads with her hands and lips, seeing no swifter way to paint herself with copious amounts of cum. She started with five cocks but found them insufficient to cover herself entirely. One of […]

The meek smile that stretched across Salma’s face was nothing more than an admission of shock. A regular Hollywood slut, Salma had taken many cocks in each and every one of her filthy little holes. But there was something rather sudden about the guy that thrust deep into her ass, plundering her tight hole with larger than average cock. She made him promise that he’d lube himself up, but in […]

Trapped in a dungeon, dressed in a tight maid’s outfit, Kari couldn’t help but grin in anticipation. Her scientific sensibilities taught her to approach situations with an open mind and this could be nothing but a learning experience. She watched as several men walked down the stairs, their cocks swinging between their legs, all of them eager to wipe the grin off her face. Little did they know, she’d need […]

Surprise flashes across your face as you stagger around the corner of the castle, exploring its halls. Little did you know you’d come face to face with Christina, sprawled out across the walls, her panties around her ankles and her creamy, pillowy breasts bouncing and jiggling in the wind. Her fiery red pussy winks at you as she spreads her legs, her sultry smile suggesting one thing and one thing […]