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Chloe knew that this audition was different than most from the start and she had no problem with it. From asking to change outfits to sitting next to a naked stranger, it was no big deal. Even the blowjob before this was pretty routine. Things changed once they started fucking. Chloe’s eye’s started to water as he fucked her mouth with that thick dildo. She felt her tight little asshole […]

Kat never felt sexier in her entire life. There she was, on her knees in a stranger’s apartment, dressed as a cheap whore and coated in a stranger’s cum. She smirked at him and started to rub her freshly fucked cunt, his load dripping off of her pouty lips and onto her massive tits. “Thank you so much, sir,” purred Kat. “I hope you’re not done with me yet. We […]

Emilia sat on her knees with her owner’s collar around her neck. At no point in her life has she felt more vulnerable and liberated as she did now. Who knew that answering a Craigslist ad would lead her to be turned into some pervert’s sex toy. At the same time though, the days of training made her feel more alive than ever before and now she’ll put what she […]

Jennifer fantasized about being a free-use slut multiple times. A plaything for horny men who simply want to shove their cocks in her tight holes, shoot their loads, and leave. At the same time, she loved the idea of being tied up and milked as well. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine being able to accomplish both at once. Now she is bound, breast pumps attached to her […]

Scarlett lowered herself down on his huge cock. She groaned as the head and the first few few inches of his shaft entered her tight asshole. “Fuck, this is amazing…” Scarlett moaned, relaxing her ass for her new friend. She slowly starts to bounce her ass on his cock, rubbing her clit as she feel him stretch her tight hole. This was her first time with big black cock. Other […]

Jennifer looked up at the three men, cock drunk and craving more. She loved being the center of attention, especially if she was in the center of three hard cocks. She didn’t know their names and forgot how she met them but that didn’t stop her from letting them use her how they please. However, it was time for them to pay her for her services. She tightly grasped a […]