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Tara can be a not only a good voice actress, but also nice woman, who entertain her subscribers with her mature but sexy, juicy, appetizing body. Despite her great age, this woman isn’t shy about tight dresses and hot short skirts. And this is quite natural, because such beauty has no age and boundaries. Tara’s hips are muscular, yet thick and rounded, as are her calves and her wide, yet […]

For Chloe’s new role as a young heroin addict… the director wanted her to sleep as little as possible and show up on set looking totally exhausted. Chloe was totally on board with the idea. She spent every night fucking herself over and over in the ass with a giant dildo, experiencing orgasm after orgasm… and then heading straight to set with no sleep. What a life!

Tessa doesn’t go for dick as much as pussy, but when she does… she makes sure she makes it worthwhile for both her and her partner. She deepthroats the guy’s cock, gets her saliva over her hands… and rubs it all over her asshole. “Uh… skipping the pussy? Straight to the butt?”, he asked. Tessa bit her lip and nodded. “Yup. Fucking use me. Jerk off in my ass.” He […]