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For Chloe’s new role as a young heroin addict… the director wanted her to sleep as little as possible and show up on set looking totally exhausted. Chloe was totally on board with the idea. She spent every night fucking herself over and over in the ass with a giant dildo, experiencing orgasm after orgasm… and then heading straight to set with no sleep. What a life!

Chloe didn’t realize what her boyfriend wanted from her when he invited her “to the basement to his friends”. The naive girl thought that everything wouldn’t be real, that it would be just a little game, but the metal shackles that chained her to the cold, wooden wall, spoke brighter than any words. Chloe whimpered and twitched in her shackles from the burning, sharp pain. Her stretched, juicy holes are […]

Many men had propositioned for a DP with Chloe. However, all had failed until tonight. Her boyfriend and his best friend were drilling both her holes, simply because she remarked that she didn’t think the latter would do it during a particularly drunk conversation. They were now punishing her asshole raw, leaving the makeup running from her face… yet Chloe was kind of happy she’d made the remark. She hadn’t […]

On any other night, three cocks would have been plenty for Chloe, especially with one so large and thick stuffed up her ass. She didn’t care that the two in her hands were a little small in comparison; not until her managed showed in the remaining producers. Delight flashed across her eyes as she saw their massive shafts and she knew she could make room for a few more. Licking […]

After the gym, Chloe’s boyfriend decided to arrange additional workout for his girl. Chloe got on her knees and bend on the bed. But lucky guy made decision to check for stretching her ass. He put his dick inside her butthole very toughly. Chloe shrieked, but immediately closed her mouth. She knows that her boyfriend will only be more violent with her if she will make any sounds and disturb […]