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Happy New Year!

Hi guys! Finally, 2020 is leaving. I think for everyone on this planet, it developed differently than they expected. But let’s not talk about the bad, remember the good. This year there were many new works, more than in previous years, more than 400 new fakes! Thanks to commissions, 36 new names were added to the celebrity base (and I was able to upgrade my computer), for which many thanks […]

Hi guys! Today is a wonderful day – exactly four years ago I registered with Tumblr and started posting my work there. Of course, I’ve posted them online before, but coming to Tumblr was a big start for CovertDream. Thanks to everyone who supported me all this time, thanks to everyone who subscribes to me on social networks and likes, writes comments, creates captions for my fakes and gives me […]


Hi guys! New Year is coming soon and probably it’s time to take stock. 2019 was an active year, although I had to pause to do my health. But the end of the year was “explosive” – I started the daily publication of fakes and did almost everything that I promised a year ago. I also made a redesign of the site so that it became more convenient to use […]

Happy new year!

Hey people!Today I want to wish you all a happy new year and wish you more magical charming moments in the new year! Thank you all for your interest in my work, thank you for your support and all your words. The past year was a difficult one, with a lot of unexpectedness, ranging from health problems, ending with exile from Reddit, Patreon, ByeMeACoffee, DeviantArt and, sadly enough – from […]