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Every girl has a ballerina in her heart. Eva is not an exception to the rule, but we all know what a whore she is, so the ballerina in her soul is very special, extraordinary too. I think everyone understands that when it comes to Eva Green, everything becomes very depraved and vulgar… Instead of an expensive ballerina dress, she preferred stockings, and instead of training and dancing, she will […]

Hayley was totally shocked when her boyfriend offered her a little sex-adventure. But he accepted his idea. Now she, almost naked, only in black corset, sit on the grass of the city park and smiling, afraid that someone will see her. Sure! This whole adventure was bad idea, but Hayley is happy. Her boyfriend gave her a clear task – eat full bowl of milk and his cum. She must […]

— “It was one of the most difficult days of filming. Because it was the very first day of filming, of course” – I said, blushing as I sat in a chair in front of camera. — “The scene where I’m tied to a chair by evil russians has been re-shooted many times. Because…” – I smiled – “the master who was supposed to tie me to the chair didn’t […]

Happy 40th birthday, Eva!

Pushing Eva into roleplaying was not easy – a wild, unbridled, ever-lustful actress prefers hard, rough sex and domination, but not such tenderness, like dressing up… Her opinion quickly changed when she put on an extremely open nurse costume consisting of high heels, the thinnest black stockings, a white-red corset and of course a pair of latex stripes to cover her nipples – she’s a nurse, not a whore! Sitting […]

Jennifer loves games. Especially games of sex slave and master. Now she is on her knees in stockings, a corset and a lace bra, so sweet and defenseless, but after a few moments she will greedily suck the cock, choking and coughing, unable to resist. Mascara, mixing with tears, will flow down her cheeks, and drool and sperm will drip onto her juicy tits. But that won’t matter since her […]

Hayley woke up in an empty room. Her puffy tits stuck out from a tight corset, her hands were tied behind her back, and her ankles were tied to a chair. There was a big gag in her mouth, and she could only mooing. When she tried to free herself, she didn’t succeed, but the rope began to rub so sweetly against her pussy that she already stopped thinking about […]