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(really old work, light remastering) Usually girls do not have sex with guys on a first date, but Kari is exception. Very lustful, horny exception. After drinking wine, the girl agreed to everything and her new boyfriend use it to satisfy his own desires. He put Kari on the bed, grabbed her hands, pull her hair and roughly entered her pussy. Pressing her to the bed, he began to fuck […]

Hailee is a good and obedient girl. Needless to say, she was not such, but that all changed when she was put in shackles and chains. And as you know, in shackles, any girl becomes good and submissive. To check this fact, Hailee’s master shoved his thick cock into her mouth, and, as expected, the famous rich lady willingly worked out what she should with her tight soft throat and […]

Scarlett was totally surprised when her new boyfriend brought her to BDSM-party instead of a date! But when she tried to run, she was instantly caught and raped. Hungry guys tasted every her hole with unbelievable hate and aggression. After this men put shocked, exhausted, weakened actress in the chains and invited their friends to have some fun with famous woman. More than two dozen cocks passed through Scarlett’s wet […]

Mila sat on the mattress, ball-tied with her wrists tied to her knees and dressed in only her lingerie. She had been kidnapped last night, and spent the night like this. The ropes weren’t too bad, but she hated the duct tape sealing her lips shut. Finally, one of her kidnappers peeled off her gag. She spat out the was as fast as she could. “Oh my god, tha–aaaaa” she […]

It’s really fun fucking Emilia in the face. Guessing how she’s feeling is almost a side-game by itself: you can never really be sure what she’s trying to say, but her expressive eyebrows seem to tell some kind of story. They’re always furrowed, which is seemingly a sign of dissatisfaction… but then she always eagerly licks up every drop of cum after she’s done. I guess she’s just hanging on […]

Chloe had always been rather conscious of her petite frame. She knew most guys just saw her as a cute little thing. That’s why she worked on her cock sucking skills diligently. She would always make sure to put on her special pair of deep throat glasses, which guys really loved to cum on. Over time, she developed a killer line that would almost always make the guys blow their […]

After sex Emilia decided to give her patron little gift – deepthroat blowjob. Kneeling down, actress opened her mouth wider and took huge cock inside, which smells tasty and delicious after her ass and pussy. When she started to suck naughty guy put his hand on her nape, not allowing Emilia to back off and stop to work with her mouth. Very soon Emilia lost track of time, carried away […]