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Hayley woke up in an empty room. Her puffy tits stuck out from a tight corset, her hands were tied behind her back, and her ankles were tied to a chair. There was a big gag in her mouth, and she could only mooing. When she tried to free herself, she didn’t succeed, but the rope began to rub so sweetly against her pussy that she already stopped thinking about […]

Mila sat on the mattress, ball-tied with her wrists tied to her knees and dressed in only her lingerie. She had been kidnapped last night, and spent the night like this. The ropes weren’t too bad, but she hated the duct tape sealing her lips shut. Finally, one of her kidnappers peeled off her gag. She spat out the was as fast as she could. “Oh my god, tha–aaaaa” she […]

Lustful Eva was trapped again. This time guys tied her to the coach. Long white ropes wrapped her arms, breasts, stomach and legs. Black tight latex makes woman’s body more beautiful. In her new clothes her breasts looks much larger. Red gag shut up her mouth, saved it for more important things. Elegant shoes on her sexy feet were a pleasant addition to this view. Despite the fact that she […]

Sexy brunette Jennifer has always been intresting to men not as actress but as a woman. But once they decided to do what they dreamed of. Men caught Jennifer on her film set. They threw her on the floor, hit her several times and undress her. When actress accepted her fate, they chained her in iron shackles and collar. Her legs was nailed to her arms so everyone can see […]

Along the road to her new shooting, on the dark terrible street, Emilia was trapped and kidnapped by few strong guys. They dragged her into the car, blindfolded her and took her to a place where no one will find her for long-long hours… Criminals brought Emilia to their secret place – countryside workshop and began to have fun with her. They tightly tied their victim with black ropes, sealed […]