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Felicia was very bored. So she decided to go to a little cosplay party, dressed like a nun in black and white clothes. But soon actress find out that this party is full of perverts and nudists! Felicia didn’t confused. Furthermore, she she ventured to join the fun… And she wasn’t disappointed. Actress walked away from the main party with few her new boyrfriends and began to pose. She pulled […]

Zooey had been feeling naughty all day. She’d put a buttplug under her skirt, and gone about her usual day with it lodged in her ass. Every movement she made, she could feel the buttplug, making her conceal sensations that could have betrayed the slight pleasures she was experiencing. Finally at lunch, she pulled aside a male colleague. “I have something to show you…”, she said.

Chloe had always been rather conscious of her petite frame. She knew most guys just saw her as a cute little thing. That’s why she worked on her cock sucking skills diligently. She would always make sure to put on her special pair of deep throat glasses, which guys really loved to cum on. Over time, she developed a killer line that would almost always make the guys blow their […]