Monica Bellucci fake

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Monica’s early days

Before she became the woman of a certain age that every man wanted to be with, Monica Bellucci was another young Hollywood hopeful, looking to make a name for herself on the silver screen. But that meant a lot of hard work… And even more hard cocks. She quickly learned as a young actress that her acting ability would take her only so far. The rest of her body, however, […]

Famous for her debauchery and primal elegance, Monica never refuses the attention of guys. It’s difficult to achieve the attention of the actress, but everyone who was with her in bed, says that it is also pleasant, as to visit Paradise. As if Monica by nature knows how to create miracles with her holes, and one of her hot eyes is enough to excite even the most restrained guy… Monica’s […]

Monica Bellucci, one of the most famous Hollywood sluts, agreed to appear in a very strange film. Soon she, dressed only in black elegant lingerie and shoes, was chained to pillory by strong ropes. Sexy woman’s legs was spreaded very wide. Her huge brests loosely sagged.Several cameras were placed in front of her and photographers took a few sweet pictures of a legendary Monica Bellucci from all angles. Actress realized […]