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Hayley was totally shocked when her boyfriend offered her a little sex-adventure. But he accepted his idea. Now she, almost naked, only in black corset, sit on the grass of the city park and smiling, afraid that someone will see her. Sure! This whole adventure was bad idea, but Hayley is happy. Her boyfriend gave her a clear task – eat full bowl of milk and his cum. She must […]

“Number 100: Sold, to the gentleman from Lithuania for $200,000!” bellowed the auctioneer down the hall. Mackenzie knew she would go for more than that. She had trained for months to be a good pet, giving in to her master’s every whim. But he had tired of her and was more interested in some of his other playthings. “Number 101: Sold to the Damascus group for $210,000!” Mackenzie laughed to […]

Emilia sat on her knees with her owner’s collar around her neck. At no point in her life has she felt more vulnerable and liberated as she did now. Who knew that answering a Craigslist ad would lead her to be turned into some pervert’s sex toy. At the same time though, the days of training made her feel more alive than ever before and now she’ll put what she […]